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In Aji Hostel, we act responsibly towards the environment, our community and our staff.

  • We have received the Level 2 “S” seal, which is the Sustainable Lodging Distinction awarded by the Chilean National Department of Tourism.
  • We collaborate with the National Pro Defense of Flora and Fauna Committee by means of donating for recycling all glass containers that are discarded in the hostel and our café.
  • We collect the recyclable products our hostel´s guests throw away and we deposit them weekly in the “Clean Points” created by the Municipality of Providencia specifically for recycling.
  • In our office, we work with electronic files to share information and this way we avoid using paper when at all possible.
  • Our Manager is a hotel energy efficiency consultant certified by the Chilean Association of Energy Efficiency.
  • 50% of the hot water used in the hostel is heated with solar panels, and starting in July 2014 it will be 70% with the installation of our new solar heaters.
  • In December 2014, we will install another new system so that at least 50% of our hostel´s lighting is created with solar energy.


  • Our staff is comprised of young people from different countries, such as Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Congo, Colombia, and of course Chile. All with different likes and preferences, but they all share a common interest in traveling and meeting new people.
  • There are weekly activities in the hostel so that the guests can meet each other, and our hostel is very personal due to its small size.
  • Here you´ll feel like you´re among friends!


  • In Aji Hostel, we are committed to providing two meals with your lodging: Breakfast and Dinner. Nothing fancy, but it´s enough so that you save money on your visit to our city.
  • We are committed to our prices always being economical, which is even better if you consider that we´re located in a great area of the city center.
  • Aji Hostel is located in a safe neighborhood, and is very close to the Salvador subway station and Avenida Providencia, the main street in Santiago.
  • We provide quality service. Trip Advisor has recognized this and awarded us with a certificate of excellence. We use the Hotels Quality platform to collect opinions from all the guests that visit us and in this way we continue to improve our service.